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Small Animal MRI System NM21-070H-I

Small Animal MRI System NM21-070H-I


Brief Introduction

1.Magnet: permanent,0.5±0.05T;
2.Effective detection area size : up to Ø60mm×H60mm;
3.Probe Size: 60mm;

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Product Description
NM21-070H-I is designed for in-vivo MRI observation of animals. It is a permanent magnet system that provides high contrast images and has an intuitive user interface. As a powerful and
non-destructive MRI instrument, this system is widely used in life sciences for in-vivo study of tissue structures and contrast agent dispersion. The Niumag small animal MRI system is robust with low operating and maintenance costs.
  • Contrast agent MRI of subcutaneous tumor
  • Multilayer MRI of 150g rat’s head MRI