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MRI Contrast Agent Imager & Analyzer NM21-015V-I

MRI Contrast Agent Imager & Analyzer NM21-015V-I


Brief Introduction

1.Magnet type: permanent magnet;
2.Magnetic field intensity: 0.5±0.08T;
3.Probe coil: Ø15mm;
4.Effective sample detection area: Ø12.5mm×H30mm;

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Product Description
NM20-015V-I is a classic Niumag instrument,which has a wide range of applications in life sciences research.
NM20-015V-I integrates industrial design, analysis, and imaging in one easy to use instrument. Its performance and quality are generally recognized by domestic and foreign expert users. The system has received a number prestigious awards.
Basic Parameters:
  • Magnet: permanent magnet 0.5±0.08T
  • Probe:Φ15mm
  • Effective sample detection area:Φ12.5mm×H30mm;
  • Size (L, W, H): 560mm×650mm×1145mm
  • Weight: 185Kg
  • Relaxation analysis of T2*,T2 and T1;
  • Proton density imaging, T2 weighted imaging, T1 weighted imaging;
  • T1、T2 relaxation time test and MRI imaging