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NMR Imager and Analyzer NMI20-015V-I(for food & agriculture research)

NMR Imager and Analyzer NMI20-015V-I(for food & agriculture research)


Brief Introduction

1.Magnet type: permanent magnet;
2.Magnetic field intensity: 0.5±0.08T;
3.Probe coil: Ø15mm;
4.Effective sample detection area: Ø12.5mm×H30mm;

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Product Description
NMI20 is a classic Niumag instrument,which has a wide range of applications in food, agriculture, and life sciences as well as other fields.
NMI20 integrates industrial design, analysis, and imaging in one easy to use instrument. Its performance and quality are generally recognized by domestic and foreign expert users. The system has received a number prestigious awards.
Basic Parameters:
  • Magnet: permanent magnet 0.5±0.08T
  • Probe:Ø15mm
  • Effective sample detection area:Ø12.5mm×H30mm;
  • Size (L, W, H): 560mm×650mm×1145mm
  • Weight: 185Kg
  • Determination of oil /moisture content;
  • Optional 3D imaging and MRI reconstruction function;
  • Determination of solid fat content;
  • Relaxation analysis of T2*,T2 and T1;
  • Proton density imaging, T2 weighted imaging, T1 weighted imaging;
  • Analysis of water spatial distribution;
  • Analysis of contrast agent relaxation rate;
  • Conventional 2D imaging, arbitrary-angle 2D multi-dimensional imaging;
  • Quantitative analysis of water phase;
  • Advanced inversion function of NMR scanning software calculates T1 and/or T2 relaxation time, ensuring quick and accurate analysis on relaxation;
  • Marinating and Water Outlet of Beef
  • Water absorption of a mung bean
  • Determination of oil and/or moisture content