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UEA Famous NMR Professor Peter Belton Visited NIUMAG and Give a Presentation About Low-field NMR Application

SUZHOU, China, Sept 10 – Peter Belton visited NIUMAG,  and made a wonderful report about NMR techniques and applications. Coming together with Professor Tang from the Fudan University, and Professor Wang from Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Peter Belton

Peter Belton graduated in chemistry from Chelsea College London, where he also obtained his PhD in 1972 for working on transport properties in liquids. His post-doctoral research was on NMR and was carried out at UEA with Prof. KJ Packer FRS. He joined Unilever research at the Port Sunlight Laboratories in 1974, following a brief spell as a visiting professor at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and then moved to the Institute of Food Research to set up a spectroscopy laboratory. During his stay at the institute he was variously Head of Departments, Head of Norwich Laboratory and more lately was head of the Food Materials Division. He joined UEA in February 2001 to take up a joint IFR / UEA Chair in Bio-materials Science. He is also Senior Visiting Fellow at The Chinese Academy of Sciences in Wuhan.

Peter Belton also is a past president of the Institute of Food Science and Technology and a co-founder of the international conference series “Applications of Magnetic Resonance in Food Science”.

Main research interests are in the application of spectroscopy to the understanding of the structure function relationships in bio-polymer assemblies and carbohydrates and for analysis of complex systems. Principal techniques are solid state NMR, NMR relaxometry, infrared spectroscopy and dielectrics. There is a long standing interest in the structure and dynamics of wheat proteins and other plant storage proteins. Current research activities are to understand the nature of the interactions and stability in pharmaceutical formulations. Other areas include the interaction of bio-polymers and water and the use of photo-thermal methods for analysis. Interest in cereals has extended to the African cereal sorghum; research at the moment is concerned with making biodegradable plastics and other products for pharmaceutical applications from sorghum and other proteins and enhancing the nutritional value of sorghum.

Professor Peter introduced the application of NMR in-moisture research, and the newest research hot dots of NMR in food and biological field.Introducing from a strategically advantageous position so that we had a brand new understanding on the application of NMR, which makes NIUMAG’s engineers feel the NMR technique is so extensive and profound.



Professor Peter was making a wonderful presentation for NIUMAG’s technicians, sharing years of accumulated NMR application cases, everyone benefits a lot!


Accompanied by General Manager of NIUMAG Corporation Mr. Pei-qiang Yang, Professor Peter visited the NIUMAG factory and the NIUMAG NMR analyzer.


Professor Peter posed for photographs with NIUMAG’s technicians.