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Core NMR And MRI Analyzer MesoMR23-060H-I

Core NMR And MRI Analyzer MesoMR23-060H-I


Brief Introduction

1.Magnet: permanent,0.5±0.05T;
2.Effective detection area size up to : Ø60mm×H60mm;

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Product Description
MesoMR23-060H-I is a powerful Imaging and Analyzing System equipped with many hardware modules independently-developed by Niumag, such as a Low Temperature-High Pressure System (LTHP) and High Temperature-High Pressure System (HTHP), this makes MesoMR is suitable for research under various temperature and pressure conditions, covering a wide range applications from food and agriculture, life science, polymer materials to geological research and energy exploration.
MesoMR is the transformer for MRI System, offering multiple choices for direction of sample introduction, temperature control, pressure control and probe size, can be applied to various temperature and pressure conditions studies.
  • Exploration and development of low permeability oil field
    -Movable fluid saturation determination;
    -Pore size distribution of rock;
    -Mechanism of oil displacement;
    -Cracks and micro-cracks evaluation;
    -Mechanism of fracturing process.
  • Exploration and development of Gas field
    -The influence of overburden pressure on porosity and permeability;
    -Pore size distribution of rock;
    -Mechanism of water flooding;
    -Gas field caverns, cracks and micro-cracks evaluation;
    -Studies on modification mechanism;
    -Free/irreducible fluid saturation.

  • Exploration and development of CBM(Coal Bed Methane)
    -Pore size distribution;
    -Fracture development;
    -Water saturation determination.
  • Optional Magnet Direction: Horizontal and vertical;
  • Easy Installation, Low Maintenance;
  • Professional Accessories: Equipped with sample carrier, gas anesthesia systems;
  • Specialized Modules: Simulating various environmental conditions, integrated LTHP/HTHP System;
  • Advanced Imaging Software: Provide functions including image noise reduction, pseudo color, data extraction, 3D reconstruction etc.
  • Easy to use: Optimal parameters automatically, three-steps to obtain imaging;