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NIUMAG has been specialized in low-field NMR / MRI for 14 years, with presence in China, Turkey, Russia, Korea, Vietnam and Singapore. We are also in Europe, Canada and America with partners in the Unites States of America, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Brazil.We are a fast-growing company, quickly expanding our footprint across the globe. We’re looking for long term relationships with Agents / Dealers & Distributors.
If you are interested and wish to represent us, we would like to talk to you.            




T (+86)(0512)6239 3560
C (+86) 156 1880 9683
Email: info@niumag.com
Skype: niumagnmr
Wechat: niumagnmr


T (619)550-2910
C (619)246-2331
Email: info@alegrescience.com
Skype: NiumagAmerica
Wechat: NiumagAmerica

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