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Nanoporosity NMR Analyzer NMRC12-010V

Nanoporosity NMR Analyzer NMRC12-010V


Brief Introduction

1.Magnet : permanent ,0.28 ± 0.05 T;
2.Effective sample detection area: Ø 10 mm × H 20 mm;
3.Sample volume:0.5cm3~ 1 cm3

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Product Description
The NMRC12-010V Nanoporosity NMR analyzer was well designed to study the pore structure of porous material. It can be used for measurement and calculation of pore size distribution of the sample, also for the relationship between pore size and solidification temperature of liquid in the pores. Our Nanoporosity NMR analyzer was applied to monitor the liquid phase change material in real-time. The test scope of measurable pore size was in the range of 2nm~500nm. The selected liquid probe has a significant influence on the results.
  • Highly precise measurement by using the innovative NMR method;
  • No signal interference and long working time by using dry gas as the refrigerating medium;
  • Rapid and stable refrigerating( ultra-low temperature -60℃);
  • Rapid heating and accurate temperature control;
  • Mature NMR system: high magnetic field stability, good magnetic field uniformity, short dead time and high SNR;
  • Specially designed probe coil for ultra-low temperature, attenuating the heat exchange between the magnets and the sample effectively;
  • User-friendly Software system, automatic calibration, temperature control, testing, data calcula-tion and graphics output, etc.