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Multifunctional Imaging Probe Based on Gadofulleride Nanoplatform

NiuMag Multifunctional Imaging Probe Based on Gadofulleride Nanoplatform


A FAR over-expressed tumor targeting multifunctional imaging probe has been fabricated based on gadofulleride nanoplatform. The combination of highly efficient MRI contrast enhancement and sensitive fluorescence imaging along with the preferential uptake toward FAR tumor cells suggest that the obtained multifunctional imaging probe possesses complementary capabilities for anatomical resolution and detection sensitivity.we have successfully synthesized a folic acid conjugated dual-modality molecular imaging probe for targeting FAR over-expressed tumour cells based on endohedral metallofullerene Gd@C82 nanoplatform. The as-prepared EMF–FA– FITC exhibits r1 relaxivity as high as 20.2 mM1 s1, and distinct PL emission properties, indicating high sensitivity and high efficiency as a MRI/fluorescence dual-modality imaging probe. The preferential FAR over-expressed cell uptake of EMF–FA–FITC compared to non-targeted EMF–FITC increases the specificity of as-prepared molecular imaging probe, and therefore will further improve the sensitivity of tumor diagnosis. With these favourable properties, the EMF–FA–FITC as a model strongly suggests the great potential of this type of MRI/optical complementary imaging probe for the early diagnosis of FARover-expressed tumours. The incorporation of near infrared (NIR) optical probe for NIR imaging and polyethylene glycol for favourable biocompatibility and pharmacokinetics in vivo is ongoing. Acknowledgements

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